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Happy Smiles for Kids

Happy Smiles for Kids aims to provide the best possible complete dental care for children in a caring environment. Our specialists, Dr Evelyn Yeung and Dr Linda Huang believe in making your child’s dental experiences positive & successful.

As specialist paediatric dentists, Dr Evelyn Yeung and Dr Linda Huang have years of specialist training & clinical practice for patients ranging from infants to young adults. 

Dr Evelyn Yeung is certified as a handler for Mr Miso, our visiting certified therapy dog. Mr Miso can help children feel happier and relaxed when visiting the dentist.

At our clinic we provide a range of services from consultations to treatment with sedation in the chair. Additionally, we can treat patients under general anaesthesia through Chesterville Day Hospital & Frankston Private Hospital. Our clinic, located in Beaumaris, Victoria, is well equipped to provide an inviting, comfortable and friendly environment for children.

*Days and hours may vary depending on when we are working at the hospital

Miso mat


COVID-19 Status:

Update 21 October 2021: 

With the end of Melbourne's lockdown #6, we are able to resume routine dental care from Friday 22 October 2021. We have already started to contact clients who have been cancelled as a result of restrictions, & will endevour to see every one as soon as we can. 

Understandably, it will take time to be able to reschedule so many appointments & we are doing our best to see everyone.

With our current COVID-19 safe plan, we will continue to follow precautionary measures to ensure the safety for all those attending the clinic &our staff. 

Thank you for your understanding in these challenging times.
Dr Evelyn Yeung


COVID-19 pre-appointment screening will be undertaken for all staff, patients and visitors visiting the clinic: -

1. Has the patient or attending parent/guardian had a cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, rash and/or gastro?

 If we observe any of these signs at the clinic, we reserve the right to NOT SEE YOU

2. Have you attended an exposure site, or been advised to be in isolation?

3. Are you a close contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19?

4. Are you waiting on COVID-19 swab results?


Thank you for your understanding


What are we doing to prevent possible spread and transmission of COVID-19?

  • Enforcing that visitors hand rub (with  70% v/v ethanol containing products), or hand wash correctly (according to the recommended guidelines)
  • Masks MUST be worn by all (aged 12 and above) attending the clinic (unless legally exempted)
  • Where possible, patients rinse with an anti-bacterial mouth rinse prior to commencing their appointment
  • Checking temperatures
  • Enforcing QR code check-in
  • We encourage social distancing (1.5metres)
  • Removal of toys and reading material in common areas
  • Use of disposable materials and equipment (where possible)
  • Maintaining current infection control protocols and standards- with thorough cleaning of surfaces using hospital grade detergents regularly throughout the day i.e. door handles, bench tops, chairs etc.
  • Policy in place that any one who coughs or has other symptoms of illness at the practice- will NOT be seen
  • Staff maintaining high levels of hygiene and infection control measures i.e. use of approved barriers (gloves, masks, face shields, caps, gowns and shoe covers) when in close proximity for periods of time
  • Payment by cash is not currently accepted. We have recommended payment by credit/debit cards or electronic fund transfers
  • Have a current COVID safe plan in action
  • Allocating time between appointments to minimise the potential for multiple families waiting in common areas
  • Hospital grade air-filter units in use throughout the practice

What to do if my child is unwell for their appointment?

As per Happy Smiles For Kids protocol, we ask that anyone who is unwell i.e. has a cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, rash and/or signs of gastro. - to reschedule their appointment. 

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