Information for Parents

What is a paediatric dentist and why has my child been referred to see you?

Paediatric dentistry is a special field within dentistry that is focused on the oral care and needs of infants, children and adolescents. A specialist paediatric dentist (also known as a paedodontist) has completed several years of post-graduate training in addition to the years of study to become a general dentist.

Dr Evelyn Yeung and Dr Linda Huang have undertaken specialist post-graduate study that has prepared them with the knowledge and experience to help


·       Provide care for children with special needs

·       Provide comprehensive treatment when extensive or complex treatment is required

·       With children who are anxious, upset and are unable to cope when they are having dental treatment

·       When emergency care is needed i.e. trauma

·       When children require sedation as part of their dental treatment

·       When children require a frenectomy and/or surgical procedures using a child-friendly approach

·       When a second opinion is necessary

What to expect at the first visit?

For your convenience, we recommend that your child's registration is completed prior to arriving for their first appointment. If your child has a referral and/or has had x-rays taken, you are welcome to provide them beforehand or bring them with you on the day.

The appointment will start with some questions so that we can get a detailed history and good understanding of your child's presenting concerns. This is then followed with a clinical assessment and if required, x-rays will be taken or requested. These would only be recommended if they are needed to aid with diagnosing the problems at hand.

It would be appreciated if payment is made in full on the day. If your child has health insurance coverage that you would like to access on the day, we have facilities to aid with your claim. Alternatively, if your child is eligible for the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme, please advise our staff so that the appropraite documentation can be prepared to ensure that the required statements can be provided for you.


If my child needs dental treatment what is involved and what would be the best way for them to have safe treatment?


It is important to understand that children are not little adults. They require additional care and assistance to aid them as they have their dental procedures. At Happy Smiles For Kids we aim to provide favourable experiences so that children had a positive outlook towards receiving dental care.

Our specialists work to ensure that your child's appropriate dental care is undertaken with a child-centered approach. The aim is to provide positive experience, without treatment becoming compromised or  for safety concerns to arise.

For some children, this may involve undergoing dental treatment under nitrous oxide sedation (also known as relative analgesia or 'happy gas') or general anaesthesia.

Nitrous oxide sedation

Why has it been recommended for my child’s dental treatment?

Nitrous oxide gas is given during dental treatment to aid with alleviating anxiety and some pain during procedure.  It is recognised as a safe and effective technique to aid behaviour management. However, it does not replace the need for the administration of local analgesia.  It is effective with aiding children to cope with lengthy dental procedures, and can reduce gagging in children with sensitive gag reflexes.

Use of this sedation has been recommended to improve the quality of your child’s dental care and aid with creating a more favourable experience.

How is it given?

Nitrous oxide gas is administered through placement of a mask over your child’s nose. With consistent nasal inhalation, the nitrous oxide gas will have an effect. While it is being used, Dr Evelyn Yeung will use a pulse oximeter to monitor your child’s pulse and blood oxygen levels. 

Nitrous oxide gas has a rapid effect and is also excreted quickly from the lungs. Following administration of 100% oxygen upon completion of treatment, there will be recovery from the nitrous oxide sedation within minutes.

General anaesthesia

For treatment under general anaesthesia, there is collaboration with Chesterville Day Hospital for the provision of day procedures. Further information is discussed in detail at the time of consultation as required.

What can I do to prevent ongoing problems at the dentist?

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than a cure. At Happy Smiles For Kids we would like to identify factors that are contributing to the problem(s) and take preventive measures. There are a variety of factors that can be undertaken to aid with improving long term behaviour and comfort with being in the dental environment i.e. familiarisation techniques, and measures taken to prevent decay from developing. Depending on your child’s requirements, regular appointments may be recommended more regularly than six or twelve-month intervals. Management recommendations are made according to evidence-based publications – which include but are not limited to : -

  • Fissure sealants
  • Remineralisation therapy i.e. fluoride applications

Direct Debit Payment Plans with DentiCare

DentiCare Payment Plan Solutions

Happy Smiles For Kids offers simple, direct debit payment plans for selected dental treatments (i.e. for treatment under general anaesthesia) through DentiCare. This means you can receive the treatment you need now, without having to worry about upfront lump sum payments. The plans can be customised to suit your individual needs.

Your tailored direct debit payment plan is managed by DentiCare on behalf of your Doctor so we can focus on you, your smile, and your dental healthcare needs.

  • Simple, one-page Direct Debit payment plan form
  • Choose your repayment period and direct debit frequency
  • Start your treatment straight away and spread the cost over time

There is no interest to pay or complicated credit or finance contracts for our practice payment plans. So please feel at ease and talk to us about payment plans so you can fulfil your dental and oral care needs.


What to do if my child is unwell for their appointment?

As per Happy Smiles For kids protocol, we ask that anyone who is sick i.e. has a cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, rash and/or signs of gastro. - to reschedule their appointment.